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Rosemarie Barr
Deborah Winter​ 
Sonja Benskin-Mesher Andy Weddon
Marijke Braaksma Weyman
Perryn Butler Wynn
Maggie Brown
Martin White
Lucy Burns

Andie Clay http://www.andieclay.comSophie Wellan
David Clay
Geoff Yeomans
Jill Cope
Darren Yeadon
Martin Crowdy

Denis Curry

Sarah Earl

Alex Fox-Robinson

Michael Francis

Eloise Govier

Eifion and Mandy Griffiths

Elizabeth Haines

Annie Halliwell


Rozanne Hawksley

Rachel Holloway

Gemma Green Hope

Sarah Hope

Glenn Ibbitson

Julian Jefferson

Caroline Juler

Penny Jones

Ruth Jones

Kate Kelly

Carole King

Neil Mason

Gaynor McMorrin

Maria Motowylczyk

Jackie Morris

Karel Mujica

Heather Nixon

Barbara Price

Ceri Pritchard

Gillian Richardson

Stuart Royse

Philippa Sibert

Al Simmonds

Raul Speek

Elizabeth Stonhold

Jobina Tinnemans

Chase Valentin

Stella Watras

Jacob Whittaker

 A film and photograph link to the work of  two members Eirian and Denys Short can be seen on 

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'Red Quilt' by Denys Short