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Rt Mme Rhondda Tannoy (L.I.D.L., A.S.D.A., A.L.D.I.)

As part of her comeback tour we were very honoured that Mme Rhondda agreed to perform for us on December 18th in Tregwynt Mansion and it was a an excellent Comeback it was!


The Legendary Welsh Grande Dame of Improper Opera, The Deep C Diva and Comic Prima Donna, The Rt Mme Rhondda Tannoy (L.I.D.L., A.S.D.A., A.L.D.I.) presented a fun-filled evening of comic song, amazing costumes and operatic repartee.
Mme Rhondda, Mezzo Sopra-piano (translated as "half on the piano) was, as you know, very big in the 80s and has sung at all the major Opera Houses of the world and enjoyed herself under many of the top conductors.

The Rt Mme Rhondda Tannoy (as in annoy) is the monstrous operatic creation of Welsh baritone, Karl Daymond.

A NightOut supported event