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We have managed to take a few photos of the Exhibition in the Arton Art Gallery. The Exhibition was very good and the location is excellent.

Click here for short film of the Exhibition.


Some photos by Mr Tadano, member of the Kansai St David's Day Society of the cherry blossom viewing and the picnic with the Society before we started on hanging the Exhibition.

- -----We were taken to the Sherlock Holmes British Pub after the picnic

The Preparation

The Reception

Natsuki Kurimoto


And what else? A selection of photos!

Shinkasen------------------------------Yoshida Shrine, Kyoto


Our walk to the Gallery, Turtle stone crossing, Kyoto ---------------Manga Museum --------Kyoto Tower-----------Kuratsu Wisteria(national Monument)



Bizen Pottery


---Gallery of Insho Domoto, Kyoto Artist, 1892-1975

"Shall I use the Hamada bowl for cornflakes!"