Kyoto 2012

Arrival 7th December. Some of the Maple trees still in their glorious Autumn colours. So far cold but bright and sunny, only rain in the night. Where we are staying is near the Yoshida Shrine, a persimmon tree in full of fruit in the grounds. Yesterday we walked down to the river and town. Glenn was filming kites and Ian and I were taking photos in the food department of Takeshimaya amongst the birdlike cries of the vendors welcoming the customers. This afternoon we go to the Arton Art Gallery and perhaps use their wifi to put up this page.
Next Day
Spent all the time in the Arton Art Gallery sorting out
the Exhibition, no time or availability for putting this all on the website. Hopefully tomorrow may be better.

Karamachi market

 Black-eared Kite 

A Video which was shown in the Arton Gallery of other works by our exhibiting artists can be seen on
sound track by Jobina Tinnemans

'Drawn to the East ' Works exhibited
can be seen on

December 10th
Snowing this morning!
Meeting with the Japanese Artists who are exhibiting some lovely
work, but then, so are we and the resulting Exhibition is superb....or in Japanese ..subarashi desu ne!