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This is a film made about Denys and Eirian Short, two of Fishguard Arts Society's longest serving members. It was made during the time they were hosting the Society's Summer Sculpture Exhibition in their Sculpture Park at Dan y Garn, Dinas, at the end of August 2006

Denys Short at the Twisted Thread Festival of Quilts 2009


Denys Short

"I love quilts and have done since I photographed them to illustrate my wife Eirian's first book in 1967. I get far more satisfaction looking at fine quilts than from looking at the most highly praised pieces of abstract Fine Art. Were it not considered a feminine and folk pastime the quality of the best pieces would be far more appreciated and valued.

Last year, tiring of the problems inherent in making and transporting large pieces of sculpture I decided to return to painting, to enjoy colour more thoroughly and to see if I could produce some things quilt-like in their essentials but carried out in paint. This was not a completely new venture as I made a 'quilt panel' in the 60s while still painting the S. Wales coal valleys. But now my interest in the growth of simple geometric shapes in 3D constructions moved easily into 2D.

I draw initially on the computer, which enables me quickly to manipulate shape, position, and colour and to experiment with overlays and scale. I am also helped by my relative inexperience in using the box, as things arrive on the screen that I am sure an expert would not have expected".