On this page Events and Workshops from 2008 and 2007


The Big Draw"What the seagull Dropped"(photographs)

"Shore move" Animation Workshop with Jake Whittaker(photographs and film)

Tregwynt Treasures:Bois y Wlad and Sarah Davies(photographs and film)

Monotype Workshop with Carole King

Children's Junk Workshop with Buzz Knapp Fisher(photographs)

Living Willow Workshop with helen Campbell(photographs)


The Big Draw"Not Quite the Last invasion"(with photographs and film)

Drypoint Workshop with Carole King(photographs)

Children's Workshop with Lizzie MacRae

"Black and White Dinner" Workshop with Louise Cook(photographs)

Willow Dolphin Workshop with Helen Campbell(photographs)

Campaign for Drawing

'The Big Draw'2008

Saturday, October 11th Fishguard Market Hall

10.30am-3.30pm...free.....all ages

'What the Seagull Dropped!"

The Big Draw 2008 in Fishguard was a great success with good community involvement.

Come and see the large seagull and printed zigzag books with each page displaying a new print of what the seagull might have dropped displayed in the Library Gallery for the rest of the month.

One of the themes for the Big Draw, this year, concentrates on book illustration.

Carol King and Glenn Ibbitson led the day.



The 'Shore Move" Animation Workshop led by Jacob Whittaker was a film making success producing a series of short films. Congratulations to Hannah and Gwen who filmed starred, directed and wrote ' Message in a Bottle" which can be seen on http://www.youtube.com/user/PhynodereeFilms

and on Google Earth

'A Seaside sketchbook' also compiled in the Workshop can be seen on


A compilation of films, including the 'Big Draw film ' The "Not Quite' the Last Invasion!' are on DVD and are available for sale from Fishguard Arts society


"Tregwynt Treasures" with Bois y Wlad and Sarah Davies was great success and thank you to all that helped make it so.

Photographs by Philip Clarke

A film of Sarah's work can be seen by clicking: Sarah Davies.Movie


Photographs from The "Junk" Workshop run by buzz knapp Fisher and Sponsored by PAVs


Photographs from Carole King's Monotype Workshop


The Living Willow Workshop with Helen Campbell

Many thanks to Nick and Gill Chilton, Fishguard Garden centre where the workshop took place




Saturday 27th October 2007... was The Big Draw 2007

" Not Quite",The Last Invasion!

“Innovative, different, great fun!” these were some of the comments by the many people of all ages who dropped into ‘The Big Draw ’(NotQuite) the Last Invasion , last Saturday in the Market Hall, Fishguard.
Two artists, Jacob Whittaker, film maker and Rebecca Phillips Williams, fine artist, led a fascinating day using the iconography of The last Invasion Tapestry but letting it spill over into experiment and Imagination.Drawing can be a picture, a plan, a design, a cartoon, a storyboard or a game, this crossed all boundaries, the drawing being the basis for a film using video and blue tooth mobile phone. It was a very successful emergence of different areas of collaboration. The resulting finished film will be seen on this website.

click here:The Big Draw 07 film


Drypoint Workshop 2nd April 2007


Children's Workshop with Lizzie MacRae


Part of the Artsfest Workshop Series

Black and White

This was your chance to cook and eat in Black and White

A nonochrome dinner party where" honoured guests" watched and helped Louise Cook demonstrate and prepare a Black and White dinner

Everyone came dressed in Black and White too


...and this is how it went !



Dinas Old School Hall, Dinas


Willow Workshop at Fishguard Garden Centre